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How to Create Art from Magazine Pages


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Cut and Roll Magazine Page Pieces
How to Create Art from Magazine Pages

Cut out pieces of magazine pages and roll them with a cylinder instrument, such as a chop stick, kabob stick or the end of a paintbrush.

Photo © Jami Delia

After you map out the design you want to create, select colorful magazine pages to use for your artwork. Tear out the pages and measure out the pieces you want to use. I generally cut out pieces in two to three inch squares (you can also cut them out in triangles if you prefer). If the pieces are too large once they are rolled together, you can easily cut them down to size.

Cut out as many pieces of paper as you can and mix them up (if you don't want your design in a particularl color scheme) or separate the pieces into piles of like colors (if you'd like to create a patterned design, such as ombre, gradient or chevron).

To roll the magazine page pieces, pick up a piece of cut paper and place your rolling instrument (pencil, chop stick, kabob stick, etc) at the top of the front-facing edge and roll once until the edge meets the paper. Dip your paint brush into the craft glue and place a small amount of glue on the line where the edge meets the paper.

Continue rolling the magazine page piece until you almost reach the end of the bottom edge. Brush on another small amount of glue at the bottom edge and completely roll the piece of paper together until you have a nice cylinder shape.

Remove the rolled magazine paper by gently sliding it off of the rolling instrument. If the paper does not come off easily, you may have placed too much glue onto the paper. Tear off the paper and start again. Just wait until the glue dries on the rolling instrument before rolling another piece of paper or use a different instrument.

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