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How to Create Art from Magazine Pages


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How to Create Art from Magazine Pages
How to Create Art from Magazine Pages

Create your own unique art with some craft glue, old magazine pages and a canvas or box top.

Photo © Jami Delia

I have the tendency to keep magazines well beyond their publication date. I just hate throwing them away when there's so much information, art and colorful pictures inside. Sometimes I tear out articles and pages of ads or other designs that pique my interest. For those magazines I can't pass on to friends, families and coworkers, I hang on to create my very own unique artwork.

To create your own artwork from old magazines, gather the following supplies:

  • craft glue
  • small paint brush
  • canvas, piece of cardboard or a gift box top (which I used for this project)
  • something to roll the magazine pieces, such as a chop stick, pencil or kabob stick
  • newspaper to cover your work area

Before getting started, think about what kind of design you want to make. To better map out your artwork design, draw the design and/or pattern on your canvas, cardboard or box top with a pencil.

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