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Reuse Paper Coffee Cups to Decorate Your Home

5 Ways to Turn Disposable Cups into Home Decor


Reuse Paper Coffee Cups to Decorate Your Home

Reuse paper coffee cups to create cheap home decor.

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Do you purchase coffee out a lot? If so, don't throw away all those paper cups! Start saving your paper coffee cups, lids, cardboard sleeves and even the stirrers to create cheap decor for your home. Clean out the cups, let them dry thoroughly and begin creating your own personable and unique decor.

Flower Pots

Transform paper coffee cups into temporary flower pots for seasonal and/or starter plants. You can even fill your pots with coffee grounds from your coffee pot (or ask for them at your local coffee shop - they usually give them away free!). Want to create labels for your plants? Reuse plastic or wood stirrers to create a quick and simple label. Simply cut out a small piece of paper and write a description on it with a permanent marker. Then, attach the piece of paper to one end of the stirrer with a stapler or piece of tape and stick the other end into the soil.

Craft Organizers

Do you have paint brushes, colored pencils and other small craft supplies lying around? Gather them together and place them inside paper coffee cups. Decorate the outside of the cups with markers, colored paper or paint. Reuse multiple cups and line them on a shelf to organize and store your supplies, such as markers in one cup, paint brushes in another and buttons in a third. Want to make them bright and colorful? Paint the cups in vibrant colors and arrange them by like colors or a color scheme of your choice.


Have a party coming up? Attach like-sized cups to twinkle lights (try to use LED lights) to create unique garland lighting. If you have cups in a variety of sizes, cut them down into similar sizes, and decorate them in any which way you please. Be creative. Paint them, cover them with decorative paper or color them with colored markers. Poke a small hole in the bottom of the cup and place the bulb through the hole. Make sure the bulb goes all the way through the hole and does not rest on the paper of the cup. As a precaution, try not to leave the lights on for long periods of time and do not leave on when you are not at home.

Wall Art

From just about any part of a disposable coffee cup, you can create unique and personable art to display anywhere in your home. You can create abstract art by using any or all parts of disposable coffee cups. Gather together a piece of cardboard to use as a canvas and start attaching lids, pieces of cups, stirrers and/or cardboard sleeves in any which way you please. Be creative and as abstract as you want. Use zip ties, twist ties, tape or glue to attach the cup pieces to your cardboard canvas. Grab your choice of paint, colored markers or even crayons and begin decorating.

Holiday Decor

Save your paper coffee cups, lids and stirrers throughout the year and turn them into winter and holiday decor. This is a great way to create personable seasonal decor with family and children. You can:

  • create snowmen for your mantel

  • decorate cups with holiday fabric or paper and fill with wrapped candy to create a holiday-themed candy container

  • paint cups, apply glitter and fill with silk flowers and/or holiday-themed foliage to create a glittery holiday vase

You can even reuse coffee cups to store your holiday decorations, such as glass bulbs, ornaments and ceramic figurines.

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