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5 Ways to Repurpose CRT Monitors

Turn Old Electronics into Useful Home Items


Do you have any old CRT monitors lying around in your home collecting dust? Since you must properly dispose of old monitors in most states, it's sometimes easier to just store them than find a disposal location. Instead of adding to your storage pile (or letting the dust continue to collect), repurpose your old monitors to create one-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor decor and other items to use around your home.

Before repurposing your old monitor, remove all of the inside components and power supply (and set aside for proper disposal). Also, clean off the outside of the monitor with a cleaning wipe or a damp rag to remove any dust, smudges or sticky residue. To remove any dust from the inside of the monitor and around any buttons or crevices, use a can of condensed air. I recommend cleaning out your old monitor(s) in a garage or outdoors so that any dust does not fly around your home.

Fish Tank

Looking for a unique fish tank for your desk or kids' room? Create a one-of-kind aquarium from an old CRT monitor. After removing all of the inside components of the monitor, you can either create the tank from the monitor itself by properly insulating and caulking all wholes, cracks and crevices so the tank will not leak or create a small tank from plexiglass that will fit perfectly inside the monitor frame.

Small Pet Bed

Animals love to have a spot to cuddle up in and sleep. Cats, especially, love to seclude themselves in small cave-like places. Transform an old CRT monitor into a bed for your small pet, such as a cat, small dog or hamster. Be sure to remove all of the electrical components and the glass screen before creating the bed. Decorate the inside and/or outside with paint and add small pet-friendly padding on the inside to create a comfy space for your pet.


Do you like to add funky lawn ornaments and outside decor to your home? Turn your old monitor(s) into funky planters for your yard. Remove not only all of the electrical components in the monitor, but also the glass screen. Place a small potted plant, such as seasonal flowers or herbs, inside the monitor and let your plant flourish. Over time, the plant will grow outside of the screen opening. Before adding the plant to the monitor, paint the monitor with spray paint to add a bit of color.

Trash Canister

If you're looking for a fun gift for the tech lover in your life, transform an old monitor into a fun trash canister. Simply remove all of the inside parts and the screen, and flip the monitor on its back (the screen opening facing upwards). Place a garbage bag (or even a plastic shopping bag, depending on the size of the monitor) inside of the screen opening and - tada - instant, cheap trash canister for an office or any other room.

Doll House

Store bought doll houses can cost quite the pretty penny. If you're on a budget, make your kids a homemade doll house from items around your home, such as repurposing an old CRT monitor. After gutting the monitor and removing the glass screen, paint the monitor frame in your child's colors of choice, such as pink for a princess castle or camouflage for a toy soldier fort. Use cardboard or small pieces of wood to create a flooring and walls for the doll house and add small store bought or DIY furniture to furnish the inside of the house.

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