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How to Refurbish a Vintage Bread Box


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Remove Decals and Repair
How to Refurbish a Vintage Bread Box

Use rubbing alcohol to remove old decals from a vintage bread box.

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The amount of work you'll need to put into refurbishing your bread box depends on the condition it's in.

Remove Decals

My bread box included four (and one partial) retro mushroom decals. No worries, though. They were not too hard to remove. To remove old decals from wood:

  1. Pour about a cap full of rubbing alcohol onto a cloth rag.

  2. Place the wet part of the rag on top of the decal for about 30 seconds.

  3. Rub the decal with both the dry and wet part of the rag in a small circular motion until the decal starts to come off.

  4. Repeat until each decal is removed.

Depending on the decal and how long it's been on the wood, it may take a couple minutes to remove each one. Try to remove as much of the decal as possible. If some of the decal remains, that is okay. The remainder of the decal will come off when you sand the bread box and/or will be covered up with primer and paint.

After you remove all of the decals, give the wood some time to dry. It may be a little soft from the alcohol.

Repair Wood Damage

If your bread box has any damage, such as a crack in the wood or a chunk missing from an end, apply wood putty/filler to the damaged areas with a putty knife.

Let the wood putty/filler completely dry. This can take up to 24 hours, so plan accordingly.

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